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The Mustangs Endurance Group

The MUSTANGS ENDURANCE Group is a part of the Langley Mustangs Track & Field Club and was established for the purpose of assisting our high performance distance runners reach their competitive running goals by providing a supportive training environment that allows them to continue developing and improving during and after their collegiate careers. The MUSTANGS ENDURANCE Group is helping many Junior and Senior athletes become nationally and internationally competitive in cross-country, track, road, and marathon racing.

The MUSTANGS ENDURANCE Group can help you improve your performance and reach your goals!

Our Mission: We strive to help distance runners reach their competitive running goals by providing a structure that allows continued improvement and success.

The MUSTANGS ENDURANCE Group are members of BC Athletics and compete at the Provincial and National Championships for cross country, track & field and road racing. Qualified ODP athletes and those that make National teams also compete frequently in the US and abroad often representing Canada.

Athletes qualifying for Canadian National Track and Field Championship as well as the Canadian 2020 Olympic Trials for Track and Field and the Marathon who are in good standing with the club are sent to compete against the best our Country has to offer. Several Mustang Endurance athletes achieving qualifying national standards also often participate in international track & field competitions in many different parts of the world.

Known as the Bomba Squad, the MUSTANGS ENDURANCE Group was originally formed in 2010 by coach Mark Bomba who has consistently produced outstanding National Class distance runners in Canada for over the past 15 years.


Senior division coach

Mark Bomba

Mark oversees the Senior Division of the Mustangs distance program and is a Performance Certified Endurance Coach.

As a coach, he has been the Trinity Western University Endurance Director from 2011 – 2018. During this time he was a five time Canada West Cross Country Coach of the Year and 2015 CIS Women’s Coach of the Year. He helped to produce numerous medalists and All Canadians at the CIS/USport championships in a variety of events from cross country to relays. This also included individual CIS/USport champions Fiona Benson (2014 – 1000m, 2015 – 1500m ), Sarah Inglis (2014 – 1500m, 2015 – cross country) and Regan Yee (2016 – 3000m, 2018 – 1500m/3000m).

As a club coach, Mark has had several athletes compete in the World/NACAC XC Championships for Canada (including Lindsay Carson, Lisa Brooking, Regan Yee, Nicholas Colyn, Richard Mosley, Matt Johnston, & Bruno Mazzotta). His athletes have been prominent at the National Senior Outdoor Championships winning numerous medals. Most prominent was Fiona Benson who was the 5th omen in Canadian history to go under 2 minutes for 800m and was a World IAAF semi -finalist in the 800m in 2015. Nicholas Colyn competed at the 2017 IAAF World Junior track and Field Championships in Poland. Recently, Regan Yee earned a silver medal in the 3000m Steeplechase at the 2018 National Championships. As well, Sarah Inglis set a Canadian all-comers/soil record for 5km on the road of 15:29.

In 2015 Mark was also awarded the Gerry and Jane Development Coaching Award by Athletics Canada. This award was recognized for his development of multiple athletes at the club and university level including IAAF World Semi-finalist Fiona Benson and CIS female Cross Country of the Year Sarah Inglis.

Mark attended Simon Fraser University and was a decorated All-American as a track / XC athlete. Mark was crowned NAIA National Champion in 1993 at 1500m while competing for SFU. Following his collegiate career at SFU, Mark went on to win National Championships at 10,000m, Half Marathon, & in Cross Country. He has represented Canada in the World XC Championships & as a member of the Canadian Ekiden Relay Team. Mark had a long & successful career that extended into the Masters age group, where he was ranked #1 in Canada at the 10,000m event until his retirement from competitive running.

junior division coach

Andrew Lenton

Andrew is currently serving as the Head Coach of the Langley Mustangs Track & Field Club. He has previously been the Head Caoch of Golden Ears Athletics, an organization which he founded. He holds a portfolio of leadership positions, which include being the Commissioner of BC High School Track & Field.

Andrew was a high school track standout himself, winning the BC High School cross country title and USA high school indoor championship at 3000m. He went on to represent Canada on the National Junior team and set BC Junior records in the 1500m, 3000m and 5000m. He was an All-American at Simon Fraser University and attended the University of Tennessee on scholarship.

Andrew is a graduate of the National Coaching Institute and is a NCCP Level 4 coach. Andrew is also active as a Master Course Conductor for the National Run-Jump-Throw program. He has been involved in coaching at many different levels, from local track and sports clubs, to BC Summer Games Zone Coach, BC Team Coach for both the National Youth and National Junior Championships and has served as Head Clinician for Athletics Canada National Youth Camp.

Andrew holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree and Teaching Certificate from Simon Fraser University and Masters of Science from the University of Oregon. While at Oregon, he completed a thesis on Early Sport Specialization vs Multilateral Sport Development and also completed a field study on this issue as well. He is currently a teacher at Maple Ridge Secondary School in Maple Ridge.

Process, process, process!

Mustangs Olympic Development Program

Support Program for Motivated Athletes

The ODP Directors operate as a committee of the Mustangs Track & Field Club to oversee the Mustangs Olympic Development Program.

The Mustangs Endurance Group has been established to help distance runners reach their competitive running goals by providing a structure that allows continued improvement in their post collegiate careers. The Mustangs Endurance Group’s objective is to help qualified athletes become nationally competitive in cross-country, track, road and marathon racing.

Mission Statement:

To provide motivated and emerging distance athletes with a support structure to help them attain nationally competitive distance running performances in cross country, track and road racing.

The Mustangs ODP is divided into two tiers, each of which has its own qualification standards, with associated support tied to the level of achievement with each qualification period.

Mustangs ODP Program Qualification Requirements:

Eligibility for the Mustangs ODP program first requires three steps as follows:

1. Good Standing: To be eligible for the Mustangs ODP you must first be a member in good standing with the Mustangs Endurance Group. This requires four things:

  • You must have your club dues paid for the current year.
  • You must have a current BC Athletics membership and be registered as a Mustangs Endurance Group athlete. This means you must be a member in good standing of Athletics Canada at all times to qualify for the program.
  • You must race head to toe in approved Mustangs ODP uniform and running gear.
  • You must participate and contribute as requested at fund raising events and to social media and other ODP marketing initiatives.

2. Time/Performance: A list of the time performance standards is included in the table below. Qualifying races include but are not limited to the official ODP schedule of events listed here.

3. Participation: You must complete the participation portion of the Mustangs ODP requirements. As ODP status is approved on a 6-mth period basis, there are a minimum of 3 races per period each athlete needs to achieve.


Performance Standards
Mustangs ODP Performance Standards
Tier 1
10 Mile48:30:0056:45:00
1/2 Marathon1:05:001:16:00
Cross Country:
Top 3 finish overall at BC Champ
Top 25 finish overall at CDN Champ
Tier 2
10 Mile50:30:0059:15:00
1/2 Marathon1:07:301:19:00
Cross Country:
Top 10 finish overall at BC Champ
Top 75 finish overall at CDN Champ

• 1. 1500m standards are for a track time performance only.
• 2. Mile – 10000m standards are track/road, but must be a non-aided, certified, road course.
• 3. Marathon and Half Marathon – Certain courses are ineligible for consideration (i.e., St. George). Please check with the ODP Committee for the listing of eligible courses.

Participation Requirements

You must complete the participation portion of the Mustangs ODP requirements. As ODP status is approved on a 6-mth period basis, there are a minimum of 3 races per period each athlete needs to achieve.

In the Spring period (1/1- 6/31), two races have to come from the Mustangs bonus list (Appendix A) with at least one of them being a Provincial or National Championship event. Additionally, mandatory availability for participation in the _________________ is required as the 3rd event.

In the Fall period (7/1- 12/31), again two races from the bonus list with at least one being a _______________ event (XC/roads), plus the mandatory Provincial or National Championships as the 3rd event.

First and foremost, we are a TEAM and we have team requirements. The events listed below help foster a strong team ethic and are important to our sponsors and in turn they are important to us. Additionally, if you would like to take advantage of the perk of entry into our selected track meets, you will need to fulfill your part of the team participation requirement.

To take advantage of the bonus structure, an athlete needs to have met the participation requirements, be in good standing as outlined above, participate in fund raising events and post on our social media channels about their performance.

Fund Raising & Social Media Requirements

Fundraising Events:


Social Media Requirements: As a top Canadian distance running club, we recognize the importance and impact of social media. As an ODP athlete, social media exposure is a crucial component to team rapport and communication, but it also impacts the reputation of the each athlete, the team and its sponsors.

All ODP athletes are expected to use social media to promote the club, teammates and sponsors in a positive manner. You may be asked to generate individual accounts on social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc. We also ask that you post to, link or tag to the Mustangs Endurance Group or ODP approved sponsor (or sponsor) websites. If you post regularly on non-running related subject matters, it may be best to set up a separate club related account to ensure compliance with this policy. If you are unsure how best to effectively use social media for the benefit of the club and its sponsors, the ODP Social Media Manager is available to assist you. Desired social media participation includes workouts completed, race schedules, running-relevant pictures/videos, comments/quotes, interviews or articles for blogs/websites, etc.

As an ODP athlete in good standing with the club, each athlete agrees all Mustangs social media activities will be respectful, appropriate for the club and other competitors generally. Use of social media for harassment, abuse or in violation of third-party copyrights is grounds for termination from the ODP program. You are responsible for your posts and content. Avoid rants, blame and complaints when posting regarding the club and its sponsors; if in doubt, check with a fellow team mate before posting.

Athlete Benefits

The Mustangs Olympic Development Program (ODP) is divided into two tiers, each of which has its own qualification standards, with associated benefits and support tied to the level of achievement with each qualification period.

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