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You’re a MUSTANGS ENDURANCE Group member. Now what? We have a couple of resources below to get the most out of your experience with our team. Questions? Contact us.

Training Support

Practice & Competition Schedule

The following is a general practice schedule for the month ahead. These specific dates, times and locations of each group workout will be confirmed by the coach at the beginning of each week.

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Workout Sessions

The following are general guidelines to follow when completing a workout of this type.

Hills, Hills, Hills …

Hills, Hills, Hills …

If there is a single better session than hills someone needs to let me know. Arthur Lydiard swore by them but the best hills story is still a Malmo (George Malley) story about Henry Rono: Henry, here is the story that The Dina (Steve) tells about his bar-tending days...

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Pacing Chart

All times below assume that the “Current Fitness” 5,000m/10,000m marks were run on a track and is a recent performance. These training paces (per 400m) also assume that you are performing the workout on a track. If you take your workout to the roads, dirt or grass please add 1 second/400 to the road times, 2 seconds/400 to dirt and 3 seconds/400 on grass.

Also, adjust your paces to account for varying terrain (ie hills, bumpy footing, windy conditions, etc), use your best judgment. It is important to err on the slow side of the target paces listed for your current fitness level; it is far better for you to be working out a bit too slow than too fast. This will let your body adapt on its own timeline leading to a much lower chance of injury or long term fatigue.

Moreover, do not compete with yourself by attempting to run each successive workout on the same course in subsequent sessions faster until you have a very good reason to revise your workout paces – the best reason being a recent race result. Let’s re-emphasize this point. Set your workout paces on actual race performances and not what you think you should run. Your body will tell you when it’s ready to workout faster by showing it in a race.

Be patient and think long term – let the fitness come to you

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Recommended Pacing Chart
Training / Pace Chart
Current Fitness 5k/10kRecover (Easy)MaintLight TempoMod TempoTempo
Current Fitness 5k/10k10k5k3k1500400

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Approved Competitions

Below is the tentative Competition Schedule for the Track Season and a very preliminary schedule for the upcoming Cross Country season.


Competition Listing

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Qualifying Requirements

Below you’ll find the MUSTANGS ENDURANCE National Club Cross Country Qualifying Procedures for both Junior and Senior Athletes.

Our goal each year is to field our best team possible taking into account a fair procedure of deciding who to send while rewarding athletes who support the team throughout the season.  We are able to send up to ______ athletes, the exact number will be determined based on the competitiveness of all members of the team.

The teams will be decided based on a point system as well as meeting with coaches and ODP Directors following the Qualifying Events to vote on the remaining members.  Our criteria:


  1. Spots 1-5 based on points earned at the ____________________________ (Date/Place) and as described under Point System.
  2. Spots 6-8 determined by:
    • first by performance at _____________________________________ (Date/Place)
    • next be performances on MUSTANGS ENDURANCE bonus race calendar

Points System:

  • 1st MUSTANGS ENDURANCE Member: 15 points
  • 2nd: 13
  • 3rd: 12
  • 4th: 11
  • 5th: 10
  • 6th: 9
  • 7th: 8
  • 8th: 7
  • 9th: 6
  • 10th: 5
  • 11th: 4
  • 12th: 3
  • 13th: 2
  • 14th: 1

Best of luck to all this coming Track & Field and XC Seasons.

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Sponsorship Perks

Mustang Endurance Membership Benefits

Mustangs Endurance Group members that are in good standing can enjoy additional perks beyond what their basic membership benefits provides, as follows:


  • SHOE PROGRAM – Members may earn SPONSORS approved shoes by being a scoring member of a Junior/Senior team at any BC Athletic or Athletics Canada Road or Cross Country Championship Series event.
  • PERFORMANCE BONUSES – Members are eligible to earn performance bonuses courtesy of SPONSORS.
  • TRAVEL REIMBURSEMENT – Members may receive travel reimbursements to certain qualified competitions or other major running events.
  • FREE / DISCOUNTED GEAR – Members may earn shoes, apparel, or accessories courtesy of SPONSORS through our Mustangs Olympic Development Program.
  • COACHING – Members are eligible to receive coaching courtesy of MUSTANGS ENDURANCE coach Mark Bomba.
  • RUNNING CAMP – Members may attend our annual Running Camp held at ___________________________________ over Labor Day Weekend.
  • 2020 OLYMPIC TRIALS TOURS – Members may attend the 2020 Olympic Trials for Track and Field and the Marathon. Sit, run, eat and drink alongside similarly minded MUSTANG ENDURANCE family members who truly appreciate the sport!

Mustangs Olympic Development Program (ODP) Benefits:

Eligibility for the Mustangs ODP program first requires three steps as follows:

1. Good Standing: To be eligible for the Mustangs ODP you must first be a member in good standing with the Mustangs Endurance Group.

2. Time/Performance: A list of the time performance standards is included in the table below. Qualifying races include but are not limited to the official ODP schedule of events listed here.

3. Participation: You must complete the participation portion of the Mustangs ODP requirements. As ODP status is approved on a 6-mth period basis, there are a minimum of 3 races per period each athlete needs to achieve.

The Mustangs Olympic Development Program (ODP) is divided into two tiers, each of which has its own qualification standards, with associated benefits and support tied to the level of achievement with each qualification period.

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